This unbreakable, pocket-size, silicone spoon pipe is the perfect hand pipe to carry along with you on the go, without worrying about breakage. It is made from durable, heat resistant food grade silicone and measures 8.5 cm (3.3 inches) in length.

A silicone lid allows you to have a bowl ready for action at any time and also prevents remains from falling into your pocket or purse after use. It features a deep metal bowl that is equipped with numerous small holes, which allows you to use it without a screen and it also prevents ash and debris from traveling into the pipe. The carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl.

This silicone spoon pipe comes delivered in a random striking color or color combination, depending on availability. If you are looking for an affordable hand pipe to take along to a party or festival, this colorful spoon pipe will definitely tick all your boxes!

Silicone Spoon Pipe with Metal Bowl and Cover



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