A truly remarkable water pipe that encompasses detail in the form of revolutionary designed percolators. This pipe may be used for both decorative and smoking pleasures, providing entertainment for years to come. Amazing designs and made using materials of the finest borosilicate glass. It is a super-addictive product making you relish the ownership and use right from moment you feel it. The scientific design enables it to retain and release a decent amount of smoke, allowing for a more enjoyable smoking experience!!! Unlimited Fun with Minimal Fuss - This water pipe is easy to set up. It also occupies minimal space for convenient storage making it easy for you to take it along with you even when travelling. Elegant design, appealing colors, classy and stylish, this water pipe is just perfect for enhancing the look of your glassware collection. Authentic materials are used so that this pipe will last a very long time. Safety First - All of the components used are heat resistant. Our special designs, which are scientifically derived, allows you take in and blow out a decent amount of smoke (with or without ice cubes!!) so you have the perfect excuse to chill with your friends!!!

5" Glass Water Pipe / Bubbler



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