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our mission

To serve and educate our War Veterans and Families - with the safest, 100% natural, botanical products and solutions.  To provide farmed in the USA and Florida Department of Agriculture approved products that are truly protecting what is left of our mind, body and spirit.

A Combat Chaos Canna Co.

BattleBuds is a female and combat veteran owned company founded by two 4th generation chaotic cousins from Tampa, FL. Tammy Rose Long, a 26 year OEF/OIF combat wounded veteran and Jennifer L. Jackson, an advocate, are committed to providing the latest lab tested and all natural botanical wellness products. Whatever your Battle is, WE want to help!

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Tammy Rose Long

(Surface Warfare/Aviation Warfare/Seabee Combat Warfare)
United States Navy, OEF/OIF Combat Veteran, Retired 26 yrs

Owner and Founder

One of Tammy's mottos is Better Yourself, Your Community and Your Country. We at BattleBuds implement the same motto. We have teamed up with amazing small businesses and non profits to give back as much as possible. We have been able to assist our 7th Veteran from either being homeless or committing suicide. At the Bunker, we have held toy drives, fed local families, clothed our community and mentored customers who become family. All of these outreach events were a success. 

We do host some fun activities at the our store. Please check our socials for the schedules. 

Jennifer Long-Jackson

Owner and Founder

Hi! I'm Jennifer. The less chaotic cousin of our dynamic duo. I began my journey with Hemp while searching for a natural relief for my kids health issues. After realizing how wonderful and beneficial the plant is, we found the best products from an organic, certified, kickass farm and started our own brand to help more people feel good. If my family takes it, trust me, you and your family can too. I wish I could tell you more, but we are limited on the truth of the plant. 

Some fun facts about yours truly: I love to dance, laugh and had my first PBJ sandwich at the tender age of 46. I didn't quite know what I was missing. LOL I ate them everyday for a few months.


Interesting Hemp fact about yours truly: Our 1000mg FS Champion drops have helped me after getting very sick Aug 2020 with Covid. My left lung took a real beating and the flare-ups suck, so I double up on my daily dose. I wish I could tell you more, but I am limited on what I can say due to insane regulations. 

I sure hope ya'll stop by the Bunker sometime and say hello.

Our Partners

 Sometimes its nice to have a friend on the inside. Over the past several years, BattleBuds has had an opportunity to work alongside several local, regional, and national veteran owned and/or veteran supportive companies. While only a small percent of the companies are mentioned below, the cream of the crop are worth mentioning and have each gone over and above for the veteran community of Tampa Bay Florida and beyond. The combination of high quality products/services and the commitment to those whom have served our great country are the reason that BattleBuds is proud to call each a partner in the cause and happy to refer them to anyone in need. We appreciate all that they have done and continue to do for our vets, their families, and their communities.      

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