BattleBuds is a team of United, Seasoned Advocates and Combat Veterans committed to providing 100% all natural, lab tested, compliant botanical  products and services organically farmed in the good ol' USA!

BattleBuds BudClub

BattleBuds BudClub $25

Our BudClub is blunt! Our approach is “whole plant/whole family/whole lotta savings” on our #1 trusted Hemp products made in the USA!


So, buckle up and expect an arsenal of the safest Battle Rations to help relieve and satisfy any cana-connoisseur’s level of interest and taste!

BudClub Benefits Include:

One (1) 30 Cal Ammo \ Battle Rations Box

One (1) BattleBuds Sticker

One (1) CBD Honey Stick
One (1) Surprise


15% Discount off your total order and/or our Battle Rations Memberships Invitations to our BattleBuds Bunker Private events and online specials!

(Annual Membership may be canceled or renewed every 12 months)