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Jennifer Long-Jackson

Hi! I'm Jennifer. The less chaotic cousin of our dynamic duo. I began my journey with Hemp while searching for natural relief for my son's nerve pain and my daughter's anxiety. After realizing how wonderful and beneficial the plant is, we found the best products from an organic, certified, kickass farm and started our own brand to help more people feel good. If my family takes it, trust me, you and your family can too.

Some fun facts about yours truly: I love to dance, laugh and had my first PBJ sandwich at the tender age of 46. I didn't quite know what I was missing. LOL I ate them everyday for a few months.


Interesting Hemp fact about yours truly: Our 1000mg FS Champion drops have helped keep the inflammation at bay after getting very sick Aug 2020 with Covid. My left lung took a real beating and the flare-ups suck, so I  double up on my daily dose.

I sure hope ya'll stop by the Bunker sometime and say hello.



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